• What I do.

    Rribbitz® is a creative services company, and I’m the new plug-and-play creative consultant.

    Once we’re connected, I can work on-site with your marketing team or at my own office.

    I play very well with others.

    I work quickly, ask the right questions, and don’t need hand-holding.

    I write web site copy, advertising, content strategy, competitive audits, and I help brands develop and manage their social media communities.

    Simply put:
    I give your brand a personality.
    I teach your brand how to talk.
    I help you find opportunities.
    Are you ready? Because I can jump. See what I’m up to now.

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    1. August 18, 2014 at 4:38 pm

      I just submitted you to be the writer on a project. Hope that’s ok with you.

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