7 stages of grief when a fellow freelancer takes a full-time job.

Stage 1: Shock and Denial“What? Copywriter John took a job?! Oh my god, no way!”

Stage 2: Pain and Guilt

“Did I do something wrong? Maybe I should have thrown more jobs his way. Is this my fault? Why wasn’t he happy as a freelancer? Why wouldn’t anyone be happy as a freelancer? I’m so confused.”

Stage 3: Anger and Bargaining

“Fine, Copywriter John, be that way. The freelance world isn’t good enough for you, huh? Running back to the corporate tit of benefits and a steady check? Enjoy your shackles! More work for me, ha ha!”

Stage 4: Depression, reflection and loneliness

“I’m so lonely. Copywriter John has a creative family again. Copywriter John doesn’t have to fight for work anymore, it’ll just fall in his lap. Why is my life so hard? Why do I have to be so alone? Why can’t I be like Copywriter John? Will anyone ever want me?”

Stage 5: Upward Turn

“Copywriter John DOES leave a hole in the freelance world. Maybe Copywriter John can even help me secure a contract with that company. Maybe Copywriter John and I can help each other. This could be a very good thing.”

Stage 6: Reconstruction and Working Through

“This isn’t about me, this is about Copywriter John. My life is separate, and I’m happy with who I am and what I do. Time to focus and move on.”

Stage 7: Acceptance and Hope

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“Life is good, business is good. I should reach out and say congratulations, find out more from Copywriter John.”


Dear Diary: Just found out that Copywriter John doesn’t really have a full-time gig, the company hired him on retainer to make themselves look bigger. Fucking lucky bastard Copywriter John.

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