5 funny things I’ve heard (in my ad career)

As I celebrate 5 years as an independent creative, I’m grateful for everything. Every little bit of the past lends something to what we are today. And I appreciate being able to look back at my entire career and experiences — and recognize the ignorance of youth, the grace of perseverance, the rewards of honest working relationships.

In honor of my anniversary, I present: 5 funny things I’ve heard during my ad career.

Number 5

We’re gonna put X on the copywriting. Because she’s younger.

Number 4

You can’t have a raise because your billable hours are paying for other people’s salaries.

Number 3

We can’t have JUST a woman copywriter. Make up a man’s name and we’ll put it on the cubicle next to you. For when clients come in. Put some of your papers in there, too, so it looks used.

Number 2

Monday: No, we don’t need a writer on that account but thanks for asking.
Tuesday: He’s going on the trip because they might need a writer.

Number 1

Stop trying to be more than you are.


Honestly, people say the funniest things. I bet you’ve heard a few things as well. I showed you mine – will you show me yours? Put them in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “5 funny things I’ve heard (in my ad career)

  1. “Who cares about ROI?” — 2010, probably explaining why he was laid off two weeks later

    “Email is a fad.” — 2008

    “Nobody browses the web on an iPad.” — 2012

    “I don’t like the Internets.” — 2010

  2. 1. “Our webs are bad. We need better webs.” – 2002

    2. “I need it more curvilinear.” – 2002

    3. “I want red white and blue fireworks exploding and waving flags and music because my website’s gotta sell, sell, sell!!!!” – 2004

    4. “I like it, but I think we should make it bright orange. I’m a hunter and I like orange… and camo.” (Note: Computer Sales Company Owner) – 2004

    5. “We need to send an E-Blast. We bought the list, do now we just need to send a quick E-Blast.” – 2014

  3. “We just bought NINE GIGS of storage. We’ll never need to upgrade again!” — 1995

    “Used bookstores are recession-proof.” — 1997

    “I don’t care that the colors don’t go together. My bedroom is painted that way and I like it.” — 1998

    “I could do it in Word myself but the guy back there said it wouldn’t go on the press right.” — 1999

    “Can’t you just scan it in and change my final grade? I’ll pay you whatever you want.” — 2000

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