5 resources I used when I started my business (and I’m still using them)

1. FreshBooks cloud accounting

FreshBooksIt took me 6 months to figure out a spreadsheet wasn’t good enough for tracking and estimating invoices and cash flow. Once I hooked up with FreshBooks, I never looked back. I love the way I can prepare estimates, set budgets, send invoices, track time, and now request client reviews. My clients like receiving automatic notifications when I record receipt of payment. Best accounting system ever. Try it here.



2. Jeff O’Brien, business attorney extraordinaire

I’ve talked about Jeff before: I chose him to file my business documents because he was active on social media and already understood the marketing business. He helped me later when I decided to trademark my name. I also know he can write a threatening letter if I need it – wink. He’s always been here for me – if you need a good business attorney, he’s your man. Find him here.



3. WordPress

How much time did I spend tooling around to create first my website?! It was all part of the process, but well worth it. I still use WordPress for my business website, and those skills transfer to clients who have WordPress sites as well. I love the flexibility, and I love the way it integrates with my analytics tool – Clicky.


4. Clicky

Clicky Web AnalyticsReal-time analytics: I can see who’s on my site, the minute they’re on it. (And all the usual tracking data…. but I love the spy app best). With my account, I can also add unique tracking code to client sites – which I frequently do as a bonus service, especially if I’m providing web site creative or social media management. Clicky is an outstanding way to measure my results for clients in real time.


5. Social

Okay, this one is a gimmee. But of course I used social media to promote my business – by announcing Rribbitz and building my network across  Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It was 2009, and many of my clients were just learning about social – so it was the perfect way to show how my traditional ad background sets the stage for a solid social strategy.


So. Now you know.

Surprised by any of the resources I’ve listed? Have you used them yourself? I’m happy to tell you more if you have any questions, and I welcome your own recommendations!

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