Piece of Work 5/3/13

7:30am A2yo is whining and awake. I’m a sandwich, with 7yo snuggled on my left (reading) and A6yo snuggled on my right. I’m not complaining because it’s freezing. At 8:00 the house is still quiet, so I get up and start making breakfast for the kids. Dave hasn’t been feeling well the past two days so he’s sleeping in a little later.

Once I’ve got breakfast set out, I go into the baby boy’s room. He greets me with a poop explosion, which means I bark orders at the girls while bathing the baby, then dressing him and changing the crib sheets. Happy Friday!


  • The girls catch the bus.
  • Big, fat snowflakes start falling down from the sky.
  • Dave and A2yo start playing in the front room of the house.
  • I go into my home office and check email, update calendars, and catch up on news. The daily blogging is getting into my blood and I write this.

20130503-140251.jpg12:00-1:30pm Lunch at Local D’Lish, courtesy of Ellie Rogers of Herman Miller. The company is focusing on outreach to small/medium businesses, and that’s one of the reasons we’re here. I meet Anna Olson, the Small/Medium Business Sales Representative, and spend some time chatting with :

It’s fun to catch up with Ellie and hear more about what’s happening at Herman Miller, in particular how the company is working to anticipate and meet the needs of evolving workstyles (re: coworking, for one).20130503-140315.jpg

2:00pm Pit stop at PetSmart: gotta get food for the Rribbitz toads. Live crickets, to be exact. Any discomfort with feeding live insects to my toads is long gone, and I drop the plastic box of creepy crawlies in my big purse to take home.

2:15pm The house is quiet. Both baby boy and Dave are napping, and I am instantly jealous. I was incredibly dumb and stayed up until 2am the night before. Doing NOTHING productive. I take off my shoes, tip toe into my home office, and answer work emails.I have a few hours until the girls get home, and then I’m actually meeting a friend for dinner.

I know! ME!! A friend!! Going out for dinner on a Friday night! Next thing you know, it’ll snow in May. 20130503-140309.jpg


2:30pm I make a new friend on Twitter: @darcialexis . She liked my blog post from earlier today, and she mentioned the 3 Percent Conference, so I already know she’s pretty goddamn smart. Good things will come of this new acquaintance, I can tell.

4:30pm I’m not done with my new business proposals, but the girls get home and I want to spend some time with them before I go out. Predictably, I regret having planned a personal night out for myself, because I feel like I should be home with my family. But I know Dave will handle everything totally cool — like always. And I’ll enjoy time with my friend — like always. And I really need to chill and get out for a few hours.

4:45-8:00pm Gone. Out with my friend. Having a great time – it’s been TWO years since we did this. Although honestly… I feel like my eyes are going to slam shut when we part ways at 8:00. I could’ve sworn it was closer to 9.

8:30pm Arrive home. Girls are in bed, baby boy is still up…. so I take over and settle him down.

10:00pm I’m exhausted. Mentally, emotionally and physically drained. So naturally Dave and I use this time to have a conversation about how we can improve our parenting techniques. (re: I’m a pushover. This is an entirely separate blog post about me being a pushover when it comes to discipline.) We develop some good ideas despite my near-coma state. We also laugh at ourselves, which is always good.

11:00pm I read two more chapters in my book, but it’s not even sinking in. I give up and go to bed.

12:45am A2yo wakes up and starts crying. Now that I’ve attained a full zombie state, I let him cry and make desperate bargaining attempts with any gods that are listening… please let him go back to sleep. PLEASE. I get up and thus begins two hours of trying to calm him down — something is definitely wrong with this child. He’s inconsolable. Keeps asking for a bottle, then pushes it away. (too warm? too cold? help me out, here!) He’s farting a lot. He belches and it smells vile. He has no fever but… he relentlessly digs at his left ear. My baby is miserable. I can’t just leave him when he’s obviously in pain. I sit with him until about 2:45. He whines in his crib for about 15 minutes before falling asleep.

3:00am Back to bed for me.

7:15am It’s Saturday morning, so here come the girls.

10:30am I think I’m awake and I go to a jewelry party hosted by a friend. It’s a lot of fun, and I feel simultaneously guilty and not guilty for enjoying myself because I’m away from the children and not working! And while I order a necklace and earring set that will look KILLER in new business meetings, I also meet one woman who’s looking for a job in events, and another woman in the talent acquisition department of a company I’m pursuing. I pass over my cards and I have a good feeling we’re going to talk again. I can’t stop doing this.

1:00-2:30pm  I leave my friend’s house – I still need to get a birthday present for a party on Sunday and pick up more formula for the A2yo. I run my errands but arrive home to an empty house. I missed the family caravan that left for Grandma and Grandpa’s house about two hours ago. Once again? I feel guilty and not guilty.


  • I put a pizza in the oven.
  • Print 50 copies of the Picture Person certificates for school on Monday.
  • Wrap the birthday present. Did I say the party is tomorrow?
  • Finish up this double blog post.
  • Look longingly at the pots of plants someone gave me — this would be the perfect time to get them in the ground.
  • I ignore the plants. I’m in survival mode now, because if A2yo has another rough night I need to be ready.
  • I reply to ONE email, just one, on LinkedIn.
  • And now… really? I’m clocking out.

3:32pm who am I kidding? It never really stops.


end scene


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