Piece of Work 5/2/13

8-10am This person (pictured below) slept all night, thank god. No, I don’t know what he’s doing. But apparently this yoga/bang on your sisters’ door pose contributed to a good night’s sleep:


The girls get on the bus and Dave and I do some family planning. NO not that kind, thank god (again). We’ve got a good friend who works at the Minnesota State Capitol and he’s arranged for us to tour and meet one of the State Representatives. The discussion centers on whether we should take both the A6yo and 7yo — we end up agreeing that yes, with a 3:2 adults-children ratio, this could be a pleasant and successful visit.

10:45am – 1:00pm I arrive at Workaround, where I’m going to try out their co-working space. Free coffee, so I’m set:

  • I finish my blog post for 5/1 and publish. Is anyone getting bored with these? Yeah well, imagine if you had to LIVE it. Eek.
  • @Irishgirl sends me a link to her own #PieceofWork post and omg I love it love it! I wish I could ‘like’ so many different parts of it, but for now — I’ll just send you there with this link.
  • A client emails me with tentative dates for 3-4 projects for the rest of the year. I check my calendar, confirm my availability, and reply that it’s a go.
  • Yap with @tboard and @nylons on Twitter about remote vs. office working. Everyone wins.
  • The latest blog post is getting some action. I use Clicky analytics and it has a cool spy app that shows how many people are on my site right now and how they got there. I get caught up watching the data come in and seeing if I can tag any of the IP addresses for future reference (company name, person, etc).
  • Check my email, and I’ve just gotten the May newsletter from a local pub. I glance through it — I wrote it for the client just last week and enjoy seeing how it arrives in final form.
  • Two more personal intros on LinkedIn. I like to wait and give it a day or two before jumping back in and replying, since *I’M* the one who is being introduced. I don’t want to be an obnoxious, over-eager puppy.
  • I email the Daisy parents and give them the details of our LAST DAISY MEETING of the school year. Oh for relief.


  • A problem has arisen with the coworking space: someone has delicious-smelling food and I’m hungry. Dang it.
  • I make the certificate for our last session of Picture Person.
  • I hear back from a friend who’s been in Target marketing for several years, and after a lot of back and forth we get a lunch date on the calendar for later this month.
  • I get an email from a client who’s leaving his current company and starting his own business, and he wants me to help him with PR and marketing – starting with a press release. Excellent.
  • I’ve almost maxed the time on my parking meter, so I book out of the coworking space. It was convenient, but I’m not sure I like it more than my lively desk at SixSpeed. I get some joy out of harassing people around me, and there’s a nice familiarity with my agency friends. At least I’ve experienced one of the options today.


Stop at the library to pick up books for my 7yo and settle in to work for a while.

5:00-9:00pm In which I lose containment.

  • It seems A2yo hasn’t stopped whining all day, except for during his 3-hour nap. Which is probably the only reason my husband is still alive.
  • I feel like I’m doing pretty well but everything starts unraveling during dinner. The girls ask for so many different things to eat we’re playing short order cook. The A2yo won’t eat a damn thing on his tray, but he will whine about it.
  • I take all three children outside after dinner. They lose their minds, run around in the freakin’ cold, the A6yo will not stop carrying around her brother and the 7yo goes deaf when I tell her to clean up the yard.I have become invisible.
  • Coming into the house, A6yo is still carrying her brother, drops him, and they both skid across the floor. There is crying and shouting as I send the A6yo instantly to bed.
  • I’m dreading another long bedtime ordeal trying to get the boy to sleep…. lately he can’t eat enough and goes ultra social on me every night at 8pm.
  • While getting the boy to sleep, I realize I’m a shit because I already have a lunch scheduled the same day we are supposed to take the girls to the Capitol. I didn’t compare calendars closely enough, and now something has to give.

We make it through, but I’m tired. Tired of running from work to family to work to family – always having some purpose attached to my actions, always having to be doing something that benefits the family or the business. Good god, I’m tired. I snap at my husband when we’re talking about little league and he wisely leaves me alone. Sorry.

This blogging “day in the life” has lost its luster. I’m bored by myself. It’s bad enough running around all day, but writing about it is like living it twice. Okay, maybe I just need to stop this and good GOD it’s 10pm already.

As my favorite character said, tomorrow is another day.

end scene.







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