Piece of Work 5/1/13

7:30am Praise sweet cherry wine, the A2yo slept all night. I feel nearly human. What’s that, you say? Do I feel bad for starting my day at 7:30 or 8:00am?

No. No, I don’t. I spent years at agencies fulfilling the role of first to arrive/last to leave. And then I spent a few more years rushing out the door every morning before my babies even cracked open their tiny eyes, only to see them again at the end of the day for an hour or two before they went back to bed. My husband was manning the role of full-time stay at home dad back then as well, so he appreciates the fact my new boss is quite a bit more mellow.

I love my mornings now: My children catch the bus around 8:30, so I take advantage of their late start to fully participate in the morning rituals. I brush hair, make ponytails or braids (when asked), make breakfast (when requested, because usually my husband does that), and help with the mad dash of locating shoes and backpacks. I also clean up the kitchen, spend some sweet time with my baby boy, and chat with my husband once the dust has settled.

With three children, there’s a lot of dust.

It’s time for the conference call. You know, the one I referenced on Monday with some paranoia. I log onto the client’s VPN and get a message my username is inactivated. OHMYGOD! It’s worse than I thought!

Not really. As I learn in the conference call… because I’ve been a contractor for almost two years, and because of some paperwork and corporate policies, they need to shuffle me into a different role and payroll system. WHEW. So while this wasn’t about discussing a new project (dang), they ARE doing it to lock in my rate and contract for the rest of the year. Everything counts in large amounts. The client confirms yes, we still have a lot of work happening and they really like what I’m doing.

11:45am Despite Siri abandoning me somewhere on Central avenue, I find my way to Modern Cafe to meet with a colleague from ohhhh way back then. Okay, it’s a colleague from my Risdall years. And now? She’s ANOTHER one of those agency owners who takes time to meet with me. Today Terri Lee (of Lee Branding) and I are just catching up, but in the meantime I realize I know some people she should meet. I jot this in my notebook. Because I love leaving people with the idea that yeah, they’re going to get something out of knowing me.

1:45pm Did I really spend 2 hours with Terri? Yes, yes, I did. And now it’s time to play six degrees of something:

20130501-195011.jpg1. Lee Branding was recently honored as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work 2013.
2. RSP Marketing was also recently honored as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work 2013. (see 10am, yesterday)
3. Via Twitter, I learn that John Marino is connected to Blair Budlong of Decks Direct.
4. Decks Direct is one of the first companies I worked for when Rribbitz launched in 2009.
5. Blair Budlong recently referred another company to me, which became a new client.
6: This leads us to YUM!

I’m feeling generous and grateful, so I pick up some cupcakes and stop in at Decks Direct. While Blair’s team callously mocks me for wearing a winter coat on May 1 (It snows a few hours later, so who’s laughing now, fellas?!), I still behave like the kind angel I am and hand over the cupcakes. I tell Blair it’s a thank you for the referral, which turned into a happy client. Everything counts in large amounts.

Also at YUM, I find adorable Swedish dishcloths with frogs printed on them. If you’re looking, don’t bother. I bought all 5 to give to clients.20130501-195029.jpg

2:30 – 5:00pm I set up at SixSpeed, which happens to be conveniently located in the same area as Decks Direct. And I get down to business:

  • Write a thank-you note (of course).
  • Catch up on email.
  • HEY! Monday’s blog is getting some love from @irishgirl and @arikhanson. I promptly acknowledge their RTs and say thanks. I’m also shocked of course, since people have yet to discover I’m a fraud.
  • A nice thing about this phase of business: I’m getting into the blogging aspect. I’m enjoying free-style writing with my own sense of humor and style. For the first time in a long time, I’m just me. I’m not speaking as a boater. Not as a health and wellness specialist (stop laughing). Not targeting the dudes on snowmobiles, athletes at a Red Bull event, or even heating and air conditioning specialists.
  • I jot down my thoughts for a proposal. In the course of these meetings, an opportunity has opened up. So I’m following through and look forward to submitting a proposal next week.

6:00-9:00pm Oh, God. As I’m driving home I remember that I’m doing Picture Person at my children’s school on Monday – I need to prepare. And since it’s also the last lesson of the year, and because I am an overachiever, I want to create little certificates for each student, displaying all the topics we’ve covered during “Cultural Visions”. I mentally shift this to the bottom of my stack… I’ll get to it tomorrow¬† or over the weekend.

Oh, God. As I’m driving home I also remember that next week is our last Girl Scout Daisy meeting. Shift that one under the Picture Person, I’ll email the parents a reminder but prepare for it over the weekend as well.

I think you know the rest:

  • Dinner
  • Homework
  • Bedtime routines (2 hours, thanks to the A2yo who now guzzles a bottle — and okay yes, he still nurses — for as long as possible before bed)
  • I go back to my home office and check emails. HEY! One of my connections at a Fortune 500 company has provided a personal introduction to someone she works with at a marketing group. I reply, connect, and research my new connection.
  • I desire escape and watch 2 hours of Weeds on my iPad.
  • I read three more chapters of Anna Quindlen’s book.
  • Turn off the light at 11pm and…..

end scene.



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