Piece of Work 4/30/13

8am Again. I’m going to DIE. I read until midnight last night, and Almost 2-Year Old (A2yo) screamed from 2-4am. I suspect he’s being tormented by those infamous 2-year molars we have yet to see ANY hint of, and a growth spurt is compelling him to wake up and require deep dish pizza. IMMEDIATELY. Being the horrible parents we are, we do not comply with his demands or negotiate with terrorists.

I get up. Again, my husband is on the scene prepping breakfast for the girls and dragging them through the morning routine. I won’t sugar-coat the rest of my day, but I’ll be honest: I don’t have a lot going on. With some recent contract changes and another contract delayed until the fall, I’ve fallen into the void that freelancers fear: today I’ll issue some final invoices, and my next project isn’t signed. YET.

This is what I always prepare for. I’m living my words. All those times I’ve talked with people who say, “How do you do it?” and I reply with something breezy like, “Oh you don’t focus on the fear of work drying up, you just keep going. And you have to trust. Constantly trust that everything happens the way it should, and there is always something around the corner.” (“Even if it’s homelessness?”, my inner doubter sneers at me. It’s obvious why I keep her buried deep down inside.)

Nonetheless, today is FABULOUS. I’m currently on a whirlwind media tour featuring… ME! I’m starting to think I should devote two weeks every quarter to solid networking…. because it is SO great getting face time with clients and colleagues, as well as people I’ve been intending to meet. For example:

10am After years of a virtual relationship, I finally meet John Marino in real life. (Another strange but nice benefit of my work and career: for some reason these hot shot agency owners will actually take an hour or more to talk with me. In a public place. Where people can see us. Where they might have to listen to me. I know….. I can’t believe it either, but I run with it.) I can’t tell you anything else, except for the fact that:

John and Sarah are amazing because they started RSP Marketing a year after I launched Rribbitz, and now they have an agency in downtown Minneapolis. People think I’m brave…. but I’m not nearly as brave as that. (plus, did you see what time I get up??)

Also? Since John has been on tv so many times, and since I have NOTHING to lose, I make him autograph his business card. Look at it:

11:30am I head to the SixSpeed office, where I rent a desk in the warehouse space. In other words, I’m surrounded by a lot of Red Bull and some energetic boys who’ve learned they don’t have to censor their language around me. Meanwhile:

  • I send out another thank you note.
  • I compile and send invoices for the end of the month.
  • I log my time spent on new business and correspondence.

2:00pm I drag myself home. The selfish baby who screamed for half the night is selfishly napping (the nerve). I give up, crack open the bedroom window and collapse for a nap of my own. Go ahead and nag at me for not pounding the pavement or making more calls or researching business opportunities. I have a news flash for you:

Even extroverts get tired.

4:00pm The girls come barreling home, A2yo is awake, and I start making dinner for everyone. We have a fairly calm evening:

  • I plant geraniums in the flower garden while the kids play in the backyard.
  • After homework and baths, the girls go to bed fairly easy.
  • I catch up on email, connect with some more clients on LinkedIn (reschedule an appointment that we’ve been trying to have for months), and spend some time looking over the requirements for certification as a woman-owned business. I’ve gone back to undecided on this issue, and I might ask some of my Fortune 100 clients if my certification would be an advantage for them.

10pm My husband and I have a semi-comatose conversation about the children, our schedules, and the upcoming summer activities. I read him a chapter from the book I just started, Anna Quindlen’s column entitled Goodbye, Dr. Spock. We both nearly break down with giant tears of exhaustion, gratitude and heartache. The words of Anna ring in our heads as we go to sleep and…..


end scene.

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