Piece of Work 4/29/13

Introduction: Mommy Bloggers do something called a “Day in the Life” post. In this series, I’m adapting that blog format for my own purposes. This is a report from the trenches of full time freelancing, business ownership, parenting, and life in general. This isn’t #LeanIn, this is #FullSteamAhead.


8am I know I should get up. I hear the girls getting ready for school, the (almost 2-year old) baby babbling in his crib, and my husband making breakfast in the kitchen. It’s not my fault I slept in, it’s the dang cool morning air and the fact that OHMYGOD I HAVE TO JUST GET UP. Alas, I arise and begin the day:

  • Spend time with the girls before they get on the bus. Take grief from my 7yo because her hair is tangly and it’s MY fault for not forcing her to wash it last night.
  • Check work email.
  • Troubleshoot a problem with a client web page.
  • Enjoy some time with my husband and baby boy before leaving the house.

10-11am Who doesn’t love an OT appointment on Monday morning? Wheee! I spend an hour at OT addressing the physical loveliness of being a lifetime arthritis patient, compounded by the energies and joys of three very active children.

  • Random thought occurs while they’re applying ultrasound heat to my hip: research X Company (that’s code for “I’m not going to tell you”) because I want to reach out to them this week. It’s already a task item on my calendar, but it’s on my mind because they’re in the health services industry.

11:30am I meet with a former client for lunch. She’s moved on to a marketing role at a new company and I want to hear everything: how she likes her new job, what she’s doing, her latest cruise(!), and of course how I might work with her again. I bring her another box of caramels because I’m never above bribery.

  • Post mtg: I realize I’m so lucky – I love catching up with people like this!! We get on the topic of “noble work” – working with companies that make real differences for people. Not always the most glamorous or sexy stuff, but it matters to a lot of people around the world.

1:00pm I have 90 minutes before my next appointment, so I set up at a Caribou. I write a thank you note to my lunch date and follow up on the things I said I’d do: send her the link to a news article (relevant to her industry), research a firm she mentioned, and start a little research of my own – how her competitors are using social media. My goal with the research: find a little nugget of opportunity she can use at work and take credit for.

  • While I’m there, I get an email from a new client saying they like the second copywriting project I recently completed for them. Absolutely no edits needed on the first draft. BINGO.

2:30-4:30pm Panel time! I’m really excited about this panel, where the topic is about becoming a certified woman-owned business. Within 10 minutes of the presentation, I know this is something I want to do and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner. More and more I think this will be so good for my business — I have so many active connections in these corporate companies that I’m anxious to take my existing vendor relationship with them to the next level. I’m eager to check out the online application and get started.

5:00pm I arrive home and all the kids are in the backyard, playing or doing homework with their Dad. I sneak into my home office to catch up on emails.

  • Email from client says that the link on a case study web page isn’t working. I go into SharePoint, see the error and fix it. No, I don’t specialize in the back end of websites, but this is how my role evolved after initially being hired to inventory and edit  marketing content that was migrated onto a new B2B website.
  • Client sends me a meeting request for Wednesday to discuss ongoing contract work. Like all realistic marketing professionals, I feel a shudder of paranoia run through me, check my schedule and accept the invitation.
  • Log my time for the day on Freshbooks (yes, that’s a plug).

The juvenile work crew didn’t work out so well after all.

5:30 – 10pm I’ll spare the details, but it goes something like this:

  • Make dinner while husband oversees homework time.
  • Make school lunches for tomorrow.
  • Feed children.
  • Take all 3 children back outside and try to secure their help with the garden (see photo, Exhibit A).
  • Drag children inside screaming and whining at 8:00, which is actually their bedtime.
  • Bathe children. Tag team with husband to get the children to bed.
  • Sneak off at intervals to research companies I have meetings with later this week.
  • Check the Clicky analytics on my website to see who was on it today. (yes, another plug)
  • Research two people I’m meeting with later this week.
  • Almost 2-year old is still sobbing, so I go back into his room and use a second bottle to get him to sleep.
  • Achieve a state of quiet in the house.
  • Realize that GOOD GOD it’s 10:00.

10:15-10:30pm Brief family and finances update with my husband, and a review of the priority items from HIS day. We make a remarkable team, if I must say so myself.

11:00pm Start reading a new book: Anna Quindlen’s Loud and Clear.

And…. end scene.


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