Meghan earned caramels.

Managing Director/Author Meghan Wilker wrote:

I’ve worked with Kim on several projects over the last couple of years, and she consistently delights me with both her writing and strategic thinking.

She’s a pleasure to work with, and has that rare blend of complete professionalism and hilariously inappropriate humor (which is an attribute I appreciate on challenging projects).

Kim says:

I met Meghan through social media… to be exact, I met @irishgirl on Twitter, and later shared the stage with her at Ignite Minneapolis #2 (not at the same time, but in separate presentations). She’s all smart with the Geek Girls Guide and authorship going for her… not to mention the people she hangs out with… so it’s an all-around honor to work with her. Also? She rocks the Bollywood dance floor.

Did you work with Rribbitz in the last 3 years?

Learn how you can earn caramels, too.

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