Lyz earned caramels.

Communications Director Lyz Nagan wrote:

I’ve recently started working with Kim after hearing a ton of good things about her. And it’s all proven to be true.

She’s quick, smart, engaged, enthusiastic, and ridiculously easy to work with. She jumped into this project with little direction and really ran with it. That’s not a simple task, and she’s been nailing it left and right.


Kim says:

It’s true, I recently started working with Lyz on a project that requires content strategy, development, writing, and…. well, whatever else Lyz barks at me to do. So to have this nice testimonial from another content writer is pretty damn good. Really. I just want her approval. And now I have it, for everyone to see. Never underestimate the power of sea salt caramels. Check out the great Lyz Nagan on LinkedIn when you have a chance.

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