Pay no attention to that copywriter behind the curtain!

Managing social media, developing creative strategies, writing killer copy…  keeping yourself behind the scenes of high-profile brands or marketing campaigns – can sometimes make a girl feel like the Wizard of Oz:

Strategically posted behind a curtain,

turning knobs and dials,

speaking in a client’s voice,

and blasting super cool smoke at just the right time. (well, maybe.)

But that’s always been my job — as a copywriter, my name doesn’t get slapped on everything I do — and I don’t want it there. I know I’m doing my job when I make my client look like a rock star. But I do notice when some creative folks readily promote themselves as the masters behind simultaneously running campaigns…. and I’m not so sure I’d do that. Maybe that’s a weakness in my own brand positioning, but I tend to consider other factors, like:

  • By revealing my own voice, am I diluting the brand’s voice or campaign message?
  • Am I redirecting attention to myself that should be on the brand?
  • If I worked with a team, or was hired by another group to create this work, am I including them in the credits?

So I ask you, my fellow creatives:

  • When do you think is the best time to lay claim to your work — if ever?
  • Are you comfortable using a client’s current campaign to fuel some self-promotion — why or why not?


  • Do you know where I can get a work station like the Great and Powerful Oz?

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