Today as a copywriter, I will:

Write scripts for three radio spots.

Work in a client content management system to format their next blog post.

Edit a press release per the client’s latest feedback.

Review a client’s project report to provide feedback on my part of it and what we could have done better.

Build up a client’s Pinterest boards, Facebook and Twitter accounts with relevant content and conversation starters.

Review the same client’s content calendar sent to me this morning to see what I can start on for upcoming months.

Load a new banner onto a client’s B2B website.


Today as a business owner, I will:

Start finalizing my taxes by adding in data from the last 3 weeks of 2012.

Check in with clients – and new contacts – about meetings we need to set up.

Review my accounting system to update billing and invoices.

Remind clients that they have 3 more days to get sea salt caramels in exchange for writing a testimonial.


Tonight, as a completely different but not so different person, I will:

Feed dinner to 2 children while my husband takes the 3rd child to an event.

Co-orchestrate evening bedtime routines, clean up toys and kitchen, clean off faces and hands, read bedtime stories and give kisses.

Log onto Words With Friends and attempt to make impressive plays in 12 simultaneous games.

Check work emails to ensure there are no late night emergencies.

Crash into bed and read as long as I can.


And perhaps more? But I’ve spent too much time on this list already.



One thought on “Today as a copywriter, I will:

  1. Exceptionally cool and extraordinarily well-organized. Every day, you impress me just a little bit more. …because I know that’s on another list somewhere…

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