Aimee earned caramels.

Digital Marketing Manager Aimee Cheek wrote:

Hiring Rribbitz. Having Kim as a friend. Sea Salt Caramels. YES, please to all three. Although I need no bribing to write this recommendation, I happily accept them when they involve caramel.

Rribbitz has been my go-to girl for PR copywriting, video narratives and email newsletter copy for the last couple of years. She’s also my go-to if I need a cute kiddo fix as her Facebook page is jam packed with the little gems. From quirky Irish character writings to trendy hotel descriptions to straight up professional AP style news releases, Rribbitz has never failed me and quite often accomplishes it on the first take. Working with Kim is as easy as it is fun.

If you need copy writing done quickly and done well, I recommend Rribbitz. And lucky for you, just might make a new friend in the process. I did.

Kim says:

Aimee is the best of social media: I met her on Twitter, then we met in person at a Smashbuger social media event (see the video), and THEN she hired me. And I’ve always told her she’s a great client because she gives really clear direction – she’s got that smart marketing sense about her. And? I call her a friend, too. You can follow her on Twitter here or check out her LinkedIn profile.

Did you work with Rribbitz in the last 3 years?

Learn how you can earn caramels, too.

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