Kirk earned caramels.

Arts College Instructor Kirk Horsted wrote:

The kids love learning about PR!

“Kim rocks, and so does Rribbitz! She’s been my go-to gal when I’ve needed a golden nugget of advice, help, or inspiration—and usually follows through faster than a flying frog.

“But she really soars as a guest speaker; just ask my students at MCAD and CVA. I mean, she can make copywriting, PR, and event coordination sound downright exciting and sexy. She has even motivated some of my best students to seek internships and careers in PR. I’m like, wow!

“Speaking of wow! Never mind her many talents: The most impressive thing about dear Kim is her earnestly enthusiastic and effusive personality. She doesn’t just light up a room; she makes working fun. She makes people laugh. She fills her worlds with energy and humor. And who couldn’t use more of those!?! 

Yes, I’d be saying all this even if she weren’t paying me off with some pink-sea-salt candy. Thanks, Kim—for all you do, and who you are. Now get me them munchies and get back to work!”

Kim says:

Ok, so Kirk isn’t exactly a client. I met him at the very first UnSummit where I attended his “You: Unplugged” session, and some time after that (and perhaps a few coffees at Wilde Roast), he invited me to visit his class and talk about PR. I guess it went well, because he invited me to visit his class again. This year, I’ll visit one more time before CVA closes its doors. Thank you, Kirk, for the testimonial – but most of all for giving me the opportunity to meet your students.

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