Emily earned caramels.

Emily McAuliffe wrote:

Talk to the hand, Kim. The hand.

“I’ve worked with Kim on several projects in the past three years. Widely varied clients, widely varied industries, and widely varied content needs. And she’s gotten it right every time.

“Midstream on one major project for a global residential- and industrial-controls manufacturer, my own career path changed.Kim had been supporting me as a copy editor. But when I asked her to step up and take over the entire project — which included building and populating a large new site using SharePoint tools — she did. And she handled it so well the client eventually asked her to take on an even larger role as project manager, in addition to her content and site-building responsibilities.

“Unflappable + wicked sense of humor + good work and consistent delivery? Yes, please.”

Kim says:

When I met Emily in 2009 she was running her own consulting company and I hoped to work with her some day. It’s true, she left me holding the SharePoint bag. But I’m big enough to ask her for a testimonial and give her candy in return. Because Emily is super smart, I really enjoyed working with her, and it all worked out in the end. Thanks, Emily.

Here’s Emily on LinkedIn. And if you want to see her IRL, you might catch her here.

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