21 years in advertising, holy crap.

While Rribbitz the company is a gleeful toddler of 3-1/2 years, this ad woman herself checks off 21 years in the Minneapolis ad business this month. Halloween always reminds me of this milestone, because I moved to Minnesota the day before the Twins won the 1991 World Series, and the day of the Halloween storm marked the end of my first full week as a salaried copywriter at an agency.

That morning, I woke to the mounds and mounds of snow. Shrugged my shoulders and thought, “Well, this is Minnesota.” After extricating my car from the apartment garage, I slooooowly drove to work… where I sat in an empty parking lot for almost an hour (no keys to the office yet), until hearing a warning on the radio: Don’t drive anywhere unless it’s an emergency.

So once again… I drove slooooooowly back to my apartment. It was an oddly appropriate beginning to my career — in essence, doing something because it had to be done.

I like to think that Minnesota has been very, very good to me. After all, I came here with just two carloads of supplies, and endless reserves of faith and ambition. No friends, no family, no ready support system. And then I built a career, a life, and a family. It’s been phenomenal, and I’m so incredibly grateful.

Thanks for 21 years, Minneapolis. It’s very, very good to be home.



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