All sorts of new!

Guess what? I’m a lucky girl; I’ve just wrapped some intense on-site projects, and I have another 6 weeks before starting another on-site contract for web content. In other words, I’ve got some flexibility to focus on my own business and networking. Here’s what else I’ve been working on:

New office!

In the past three years, my business evolved to the point where I rarely used my office for more than a mailing address. When my lease expired in September, I moved into an empty office at SixSpeed – one of my agency clients. It’s a business model I call “plug-and-play independent consultant” – because I tend to work with a lot of agency and in-house marketing teams, but I still need a home base. This allows me to merge freely when and where my clients need me, while still preserving the sanctity of my business headquarters. I just happen to have another agency’s creative team outside my door – and when they need copy, creative, or social media strategy, they just knock on my door.

The only bull on my site. Click him to find my new address.

New site!

It was time to update my site, so I made a few changes:
To answer some common questions, I put “What I do” right on the home page.
The blog has moved to a new section called “The Latest“.
I figured it was time to start showcasing some of my published work and appearances.
And I decided to trim down the portfolio while adding direct links to work that’s live and in action right now.

New reports!

Oh, and just one more thing: how about some Rribbitz reports just to check in and show you the variety of what I do every week – from keeping clients happy to managing my business as an independent consultant? Welcome to the first Rribbitz report, shown below.

Please – explore, review, ponder. Then let me know what you think.


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