In which I mock your mirror fast.

As seen in the New York Times:

“These “mirror fasts” are becoming more popular, judging from the number of bloggers reflecting on not reflecting. Those who have engaged in the exercise report that not seeing themselves helped them see themselves more clearly.”

Ladies and gentlemen, please respect my mirror fast.


Please respect my mirror fast and close your eyes when I’m talking to you.


Please respect my mirror fast, mom, and put away the silverware for me.


Please respect my mirror fast, dear, and remember to close the toilet lid.


Please respect my mirror fast, boss, and have patience while I proof my work without looking too hard at the computer screen.


Please respect my mirror fast, officer, I can’t look in my side view mirror without glimpsing part of my ear.


and finally: - Respect my mirror fast, bitch. I'm on an intense journey of personal growth that requires focusing on why I can't stop looking at myself.


BONUS: today’s custom e-card is a two-for-one: - I'm on a mirror fast. Which means I can't look into this cocktail but I sure as hell can drink it.

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