How I love my middle child….

How I Love My Middle ChildOh the woes and challenges of the middle child:
lacking privilege of the eldest,
coveting attention directed to the youngest.

But you, my dear, are more than your birth order.

You are the creamy, luscious middle of my favorite sandwich cookie.

The best pancake in the bunch – nestled right between insatiable inhaling and uncomfortable overindulgence.

The best part of a joyful weekend, before stomach muscles start aching from too much laughter.

You are the sweetness of sophomoric confidence,
the promise of constant improvement,
the middle note that ties the chord together.

Don’t worry about catching up with your Elder;
you will find your own pace.

Don’t worry about competing against your Lil’;
you’ve already earned your place.

Birth order be damned- you’re exactly who you’re supposed to be, at exactly the right time.

So claim your birthright and walk the middle line,
but relish your right to dream and endeavor.

For that is your right – like every other child’s.

And that is your gift to the world.


Happy birthday to my darling middle…
Love, your momma.

One thought on “How I love my middle child….

  1. Just had to acknowledge this beautiful post. What a loving note to your beautiful middle one. Happy Birthday to her.

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