Friday is Why Day

Why I updated my LinkedIn “Professional Headline”.

This morning I listened to the Copyblogger podcast The Path to a Legendary Copywriting Career with John Carlton. I’m always interested to hear from industry veterans, specifically the experts who live and breathe copywriting.

A lot of what Carlton said resonated with what I believe about my own career; what I’ve seen and done and experienced. This is my 21st year as a copywriter: as Carlton put it, I’m a professional writer. I sit down to write and that’s what pays the bills.

As a woman in this business, I take particular notice of other great creative women. So after listening to the podcast I did a Google search for “legendary copywriter”…. and ten pages into the results, I had yet to see a woman’s name next to that phrase.

It’s time to start mixing up those results.

I know they’re out there. For me, 21 years as a copywriter adds up to an extensive network of agency colleagues, a broad range of clients, and a LOT of writing. I’ve heard my share of praise – whether I’m saving someone’s ass with a proposal, making a client come off like a superstar with a winning campaign, or absolutely killing it on deadline.

And between you and me, when a former boss questioned what in the world I would do when I left the agency (GADS!), I told him, “This is what I do, it’s who I am. I haven’t been in this business for 18 years because I’m bad at it.”

I’m getting out my freak flag and waving it.

After listening to “How to Build a Legendary Copywriting Career”, I decided it was time to update my LinkedIn headline:

Kim Opitz: Legendary copywriter with 20 years of ad agency experience. Consultant for creative, web, PR and social media content.

I think we have a lot more legendary creative women than we know; they’re just not making enough noise about it. They’re making creative miracles happen time and again, day in and day out, and someone is paying them to do it.

These are the women I’m going to seek out and learn from as I continue my own career. These are the women our younger creatives can learn from. And my friends, these are the women I want to share with you – via a new project already in the works.


Do you know a legendary woman in the creative industry? Tell me who she is, and why she’s legendary.  I have a few questions for her.

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