Friday is Why Day

“Kim, why don’t you ever give us candy?”

That’s a GREAT question! And a great idea, anonymous person! Let’s give away some candy. Why? Because it’s LEAP YEAR, and this is LEAP MONTH!

According to the trusted source of Wikipedia, leap day is added to our calendar every 4 years as a corrective measure. So think about the corrective measure you can take to change something in your life, for the better.

What are you doing February 29?

I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. Start the project you’ve been putting off. Go to the movie you want to see – even if you have to go alone. Pick up the PHONE and actually call someone in your professional network – set a date to have coffee and learn more about what that person does. Sign up for the class you’ve always wanted to take. Stay up late to write the first of many journal entries. Write a letter to a friend — not on the computer, but with pen and paper.

I challenge you to make a commitment to yourself and do something different on leap day. And then?

You might win some candy for it.

Here’s how:

Go to the Rribbitz Facebook page and tell me what you’re going to do.

Each idea posted will earn you one entry in the drawing.

On leap day, I’ll draw one name (using a very scientific process with index cards) and that person will win…

A five-pound bag of HARIBO® Frogs green apple flavor gummi candy.

Let me repeat:

A five-pound bag of HARIBO® Frogs green apple flavor gummi candy.

You heard me right. So why are you just sitting there? Get thinking, get posting and then get doing.

(Immediate family of Rribbitz are welcome to post, but not eligible for the candy. They already have so many benefits by association.)

One thought on “Friday is Why Day

  1. Ha! I love you! Having the boys write a letter to themselves outlying their goals & expectations in 4 years. Will be interesting to read on the next Leap Day. 😉

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