From Pinterest to….. Olioboard.

Happy Friday! Here’s another concept to wrap your head around…. Olioboard.


Have you heard of it? While being a skeptic and reluctant adopter, I admit that I’m drawn to Olioboard. I’m not an expert at it — but I’m experimenting. As you can see here:

Fancy, right? Yes, I’m self-taught. While Olioboard seems like a great way to compile ideas and inspiration, I think it has even greater implications when it comes to developing brand strategies for my clients. For example:

Let’s build a mood board that represents the direction your brand needs to go…

How do you want customers to feel when they use your website? Let’s build a board that replicates the feel of your site –

It’s not just for the tangible interior design project — but creative campaigns and brand direction as well. It’ll be interesting to see how the ad community embraces – or doesn’t embrace – this new tool.

By the way? Turns out I really am a late adopter. Because here’s a nice little Real Simple blog post from 2010 talking about Olioboard – so I’ll let her explain it further.

What are your thoughts?

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