Well, what do you know?

2012 is a leap year.

I’m proud to have accomplished my main business goal in 2011: fewer clients, more business. I’m 6 months into a new initiative of focusing on agency work, while working with a select amount of individual businesses. Considering that the first half of the year was spent gestating, and the second half of the year we welcomed a newborn at home, it feels like a particularly mighty feat.

So what’s next? For one, I hate making grand New Year’s proclamations. But I will say this: it’s pretty tempting to raise the bar again. By honing my client services. Giving my own website more love. And practicing what I preach about providing useful, interesting content online.

In 2012, Rribbitz will celebrate three full years in business. What are you going to celebrate?

See you after the leap. Now here’s a video just because I like it:

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