Technical jargon made friendly: I can save you from yourself.

A lot of people ask if I specialize in writing for certain industries — and I tell them no. My expertise — and the competitive edge I offer — is in learning about the client, understanding their marketing objectives, and tailoring their message to their markets. (Okay, that’s a really REALLY simplified description.)

Recently, I had the opportunity to bid on website copy writing for a genetic analysis company in California*. So before the question even came up, “How can you possibly write about oncogene mutation detection in a way regular consumers will understand?!”, I asked another client to provide a recommendation.

Because I constantly crave attention and validation, I wanted to share his AWESOME words with you here:

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September 27, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this recommendation letter to attest to Kim Opitz’s uncanny ability to translate scientific material and  jargon into normal English, easily understood by the “man in the street.”

I am a social psychologist. I was trained in my doctoral program to conduct rigorous research and report it in scientific journals to an audience of other academics. For twenty years I did that successfully while a tenured professor at the University of Florida. I knew that academic rigor and scientific precision requires technical jargon. In fact, that specific jargon is necessary for a common scientific literature to develop and grow.

Then I left the University to open a private consulting firm. My writing goals shifted from an academic audience to the general public. To say I floundered is an understatement. My past habit of thinking in terms of jargon, let alone writing in jargon, made me virtually unintelligible to my new audience.

Then I found Ms. Opitz.  She was able to understand my scientific language and intent, and then translate and rewrite it for general public consumption. She made it possible for me to reach my potential clients, and engage and explain to them what I did and how I could help them. She virtually saved me from myself and saved my business in the process.

I recommend her enthusiastically and without reservation.

Jerald W. Young, Ph.D.
Founder, Smooth Divorce Recovery
205 6th St. East, #609
Saint Paul, MN 55101

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Keep an eye on Jerry’s website, because this is the ‘before‘. By Thanksgiving, the new content will be up. But we’re already moving ahead with his blog and social media.

Oh – and if you need someone to save you from yourself, don’t hesitate to call me.

* Did I get it? Nope. My qualifications were just what they needed, but they preferred to work with a local writer. Given that this was a relatively new company and they needed a lot of help developing web processes, I agreed that a local consultant would be better for them in the long run! But boy, that would have been fun!

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