What are you waiting for?

Hi – can I talk to you for a second?

What are you waiting for—

A pat on the back?

Your full salary to be reinstated?

Another contribution to your 401K?

Someone to recognize how LONG you’ve worked for the company and how much you’ve sacrificed for it?

You’re a team player.

You’ll go down with the ship, if you have to.

Because you’re loyal, and loyalty is rewarded.

You’ll stick it out.

You’ve put in years of blood, sweat and tears.

You can’t leave now. You can’t take a risk. You can’t jeopardize your future, your mortgage, your kid’s education.

The company knows how hard you work. They’ll reward you. You just know it. And you’re lucky to even have a job! Right?


Let me ask you something – is that what life is for? Are you really living? Or are you trapped?

Because if the answer is trapped, then I want to tell you something: You are not trapped, and you hold the key to freeing yourself. It is within you.

If you’ve been waiting for a raise, a reinstatement, a promotion, recognition, or just some hint about where your career is taking you — then GO ASK FOR IT.

And if the answer is no – then go find it somewhere else. Why? Because you can.

And also — because you deserve it. Life is waiting for you, and so is happiness and peace and contentment. Your job can bring you joy.

If you need more, talk to me on Twitter. Send me an email. I’m on a mission to help people set themselves free.

Because life is too short to spend your time…..


6 thoughts on “What are you waiting for?

  1. A loyal employee often doesn’t get loyalty in return and all the other lucrative warm fussies. Those days are gone. Now with the economic implode, people are just lucky they have a job. Or are they?. I believe the ones who have been let go have been given a gift to find something that they really love to do. A chance to re-invent themselves. Be their own boss. Scary as that might be, it can make you feel alive.
    I’m sure you’ll be busy talking…freeing people or helping the freed find their way.

  2. Thanks Erin – I appreciate it!
    Kristin – I agree. It really did take me about 17 years to figure out that loyalty given does not equal loyalty in return.

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