Hi! Are you here because of @NPTalk?

Maybe it’s 9am on Wednesday and you’re thinking, “Who the hell is @Rribbitz and what makes her a content expert?!”

Maybe it’s 1:55pm on Wednesday and you’re sitting in front of Tweetchat eagerly awaiting for that first #NPTalk morsel to come through.

Well, I guess I’ll take this moment to say a few things.

I met @SocialNicole in February at the Women Entrepreneurs Conference sponsored by Mansfield Tanick & Cohen. We’ve been conversing on Twitter and catching up at various events ever since.

Now – back to that whole “content expert” thing. I learned about search optimization at the best time and place ever – when I was a copywriter at Risdall Advertising from 1999-2004. Really! That’s when everyone thought web sites meant instant profits. But to make real magic happen you had to know how to get the traffic and what to do with the words — on the screen and behind the scenes in the meta data. At Risdall, I got to work on — what’s the phrase? — HUNDREDS of websites and search optimization projects. Literally.

I stayed in the agency world until last year, when I launched Rribbitz. And now search optimization is just one of the things I do for my clients – organic search optimization is my focus, with words and phrases selectively chosen and woven into page copy and meta data.

And from there, reinforced with social media.

And at the same time, living and breathing with the rest of the company’s brand – in events, press releases, collateral and advertising.

So…. content expert? Sure. Keyword research? Yup. Open to suggestions and ideas? Oh lord, yes.

Here’s to learning something from each other on @NPTalk!

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