Rribbitz Recap: PR for Signing Time Foundation

If you’re the parent of young children, you might be familiar with Rachel Coleman, Emmy-nominated star and co-creator of the PBS television show Signing Time.

Even if you’re not, you can probably understand why, when I heard Rachel was coming to Minneapolis for a fund raising event, I offered my services: I’m a huge fan! The more I look at this as a case study for Rribbitz, the more I see it’s a great case study for social media as well:

• On April 7, Rachel tweeted that she’d be in Minneapolis on April 30 for an event.
• I immediately sent her a DM and offered my help with PR.
• I used PitchEngine to build and distribute the press release to event calendars and local media.
• I also shared the PitchEngine link with targeted contacts like the Star Tribune Cribsheet bloggers, organizations like Courage Center, Twin Cities Deaf Community and select ECFE leaders.
• Elation followed as I saw this, this and this….
• Hot props to Missy, aka @MarketingMamaMN, who used the pitchengine release and her own brilliant influence to make the Strib coverage a reality, along with an appearance for Rachel on Fox9 morning news.

My girls meeting Rachel.

The results for Signing Time Foundation?

Rachel was surprised at how many people showed up to the event and told me they raised  twice as much money as hoped for. :)

Lindsey Blau, Communications Director for Signing Time Foundation, wrote:

“When The Signing Time Foundation came to Minnesota for a last minute event, we weren’t sure what kind of turn out we were going to have given our time frame.

With the help of Rribbitz Creative Communications, llc, our event not only turned out more people than we expected, it also generated more media in two weeks than we could have hoped.

…Rribbitz expressed creativity and initiative, which helped spread the word about our event. From our experience, Rribbitz encouraged momentum and developed effective ways of enhancing our presence in the community. Imagine what could have happened with more than two weeks!”

I told Rachel and Lindsey I’m on board to bring her back next year – and believe me, we’re going to blow it out bigger than ever.

Interested in learning sign language or signing your child up for classes? Talk to Master Signing Time Instructor Ronai Brumett who teaches classes at Kiddywampus in St. Louis Park.

AND! Visit your library to check out Signing Time dvds… or watch online at NickJr.

3 thoughts on “Rribbitz Recap: PR for Signing Time Foundation

  1. Great recap Kim! It was fun to see how quickly this event was pulled together. I was impressed with your work on the pitchengine release and loved how the photos and links were embedded. I also appreciated how easy it was to share with my media contacts. As a blogger, it was easy for me to access quality photos for my post which I appreciated. The best part about the work for the Signing Time concert was that it paid off! The event had a great turn out and families from throughout the area had an amazing time. Kudos!

  2. Hey Kim, Thanks for the heads upon this! Proud to know ya and even prouder to partner with you for the benefit of our clients!

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