Spotlight on: Leap Year clients, part 1

Andi Dickson, President, SixSpeed Marketing

How we met: In 2006, Andi was the Red Bull Field Marketing Manager for all Red Bull events in Minnesota. We met when he hired my agency for project management on Art of the Can, and I ran contestant relations for the event.

What we’re doing now: Andi and Tom Cusciotta started SixSpeed Marketing last summer. Andi brings me on for creative projects, social media and strategy writing. Even when I’m not working for him, he lets me camp out at his company, pilfer Red Bull, and harass him. All in love, of course. Got a huge event that can’t stand for mediocre marketing? Talk to SixSpeed.

On my leap-year survey, Andi said: “Kim makes it easy, no lengthy briefs needed. She understands today’s world of advertising, she is fast, tactical and gets its right.”

Steven Olinger, President, Nerica

How we met: I met Steven last summer at a speed networking event. And then he attended my session at UnSummit3, and right after that session he said, “I want to hire you to write my web site.” :) 

What Rribbitz did for him: Edited the copy on his new website before it launched last November. If you’re looking for a business consultant to help you solve some marketing and sales growth issues – talk to Steven. He’s passionate, smart and knows how to “connect the dots!”

On my leap-year survey, Steven said: “Your success in business can be measured by your willingness to make changes. Rribbitz helps make change come easily.”

Adria Richards, Organic Technology Consultant

How we met: Ignite Minneapolis 2009. Adria’s presentation: Shiny Phone Gadgets. Mine: Write a novel in 30 days.

What Rribbitz did for her: Edited web copy, press kit and speaker bios for 2009 and 2010 events like WordCamp and SXSW. If you need a brilliant, enthusiastic person to help you incorporate new technologies into your business or website – she’s the one. And you can contact her more than one way.

On my leap-year survey, Adria said: “Kim is the type of upbeat, creative and fun consultant you want working on your project. She learns what your company is about, explores ideas with you and then delivers! It’s like picking up delicious ice cream from the neighborhood shop vs going to the grocery store for a generic tub. I highly recommend Kim for writing creative copy, press releases, promotional material and exploring social media messaging!”

David and Jennifer Lanham, Your Trusted Assistant

How we met: networking, of course!

What Rribbitz is doing for them: We’re just getting started together. As virtual assistants to clients across the country, David and Jennifer love what they do and they know what they want their company to be. They charge enthusiastically into opportunity. Check out their site in a few months, and you’ll see what I mean. Oh, and if you’re buried in paperwork and client communications that you can never catch up on? Call them now. I mean it.

On my survey, David said: “Kim has been awesome – we hired her to develop a new brand and marketing direction, and she immediately picked up the fundamentals of our business and applied her unique insights towards our new campaign. It only took about 2 minutes for us to realize that she really “gets it”.  She came up with these amazing ideas that we would never have thought of on our own.  I wouldn’t hesitate to refer my best client, or even my best friend to Kim!”

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