Meet some peeps

Another thing I love about living freelance? I get to meet lots of smart people and build my network, every day. Last week I spent some time with the following people, and ultimately they all had little jewels of wisdom and inspiration that I wanted to capture. They also have great talents and skills, so don’t hesitate to track them down if you want to hear more!

Please, let me introduce you to:

Kate-Madonna Hines

Conner McCall

Shari Schmitz
realtor extraordinaire

Kakie Fitzsimmons

And my apologies to Meghan Sewell, because we had a fabulous lunch where we talked about Ignite Minneapolis and Acme open mic, but I forgot my camera! Dang. You can still follow her here: @m3ggiesue and watch her awesome Ignite preso on scheduling a doctor’s appointment!

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