Holiday Happiness from Rribbitz

Happy Holidays form Rribbitz

The official 2009 Holiday Greeting from Rribbitz Creative Communications

It’s not easy being green.

Some people say it’s crazy to take a leap and follow a dream. But thanks to people I’ve met along the way, I had the courage to do it. Because of those people (and that probably includes YOU!), my spirit was continually replenished; my zest for success was continually renewed.

And so, thank you: for being a cheerleader, a supporter, a fan of Rribbitz. Thanks for being a fan of me, in so many ways:

  • For helping me launch Rribbitz – by setting up my business card or helping me tweak a web page.
  • For advice on how, when, and why to incorporate.
  • For buying me coffee and talking business.
  • For giving me a great business lead.
  • For giving me a project to bid on.
  • For inviting me to a networking event.
  • For saying, “Keep in touch,” and meaning it!
  • For saying, “You’ll be great.”
  • For returning my call.
  • For telling someone else about me.
  • Did I mention the coffee? Seriously, thanks!

I love this business more than ever, love what I do and feel blessed to do it.

More than that, I’m blessed to know you.

Thank you! And all the best in 2010 – from Rribbitz Creative Communications.

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