UnSummit3 – this saturday!

Im going! Are you?!

I'm going! Are you?!

Hey, did you know… Rribbitz is proud to be a sponsor of the UnSummit in Minneapolis this weekend!

If you’re signed up, I’ll see you there (and if you’re not signed up, well… it’s sold out). After a day chock-full of brilliant ideas, sparkling conversation and inspirational networking, what will we leave with?

Join me at one of the last sessions of the day where I’ll facilitate a conversation about taking a leap and DOING SOMETHING with all of that new-found wisdom and insight. I’ll tell you about my own insanity (leaving a full time job to go solo), and I want to hear more about yours. For example:

Is there really a difference between faking it … and making it?

What’s stopping you from taking a leap?

How can everyone in the room gang up on you in a way that makes you JUMP!?

You get the idea – we’re winging it, people! This is the UnSummit!

“Full participation, full dissemination and free admision.”

I’m not a professional, but I play one in my mind — and by the end of this particular session, I hope you’ll feel the same way about yourself. :)

See ya there-

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