Writing and Ideas

Coffee is my favorite way to start a conversation.

Coffee is my favorite way to start a conversation.

What I’m discovering about business is that it all boils down to relationships. And relationships start with conversations: the way I introduce Rribbitz to other people, or the way they introduce themselves to me.

That’s why I put writing and ideas on my business card, instead of marketing consultant. Or creative director. Or strategist. And so on.

Writing and ideas opens the door to a conversation around your needs — what does your marketing look like today and how does writing fit into it? Are you happy with your web site? Your collateral? Your branding and identity? Your packaging?

What kind of ideas do you want to talk about — utilizing social networks, reaching out to new customers, implementing an ad or event strategy that builds buzz?

Writing and ideas is the platform for launching a relationship with Rribbitz. I can take my 18 years of experience in the ad biz and boil it down to what’s going to work for you. And then I can coordinate the creative talent to get it done.

But first, I like to start with a conversation. So tell me – what’s your idea? Together we can make it happen.

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