An actual conversation (re: Red Bull)

Last week I had drinks with Andi Dickson, formerly my client when he was with Red Bull North America, but ever and always a good guy and friend. What follows is a portion of our conversation. Paraphrased.

Me: “Hey Andi, remember Red Bull Art of the Can contest?”

Andi: “The one we did in 2006? Where people had to submit artwork made out of Red Bull cans?”

Me: “You’re getting warm…”

Andi: “The contest where you treated me like a rock star, knew all of the participants by name and art project and city of residence, and we packed the Weisman with over 2,200 people on opening night even though we were aiming for 700?”

Me: “That’s the one.”

Andi: “What about it, Kim?”

Me: “I was just thinking about how I did all of that contestant relations and contest buzz without Twitter or Facebook.”

Andi: “Can you imagine what the results would be if we did it today?”

Me: “That’s just what I was going to say.”

Andi: “You’re so awesome.”

Me: “Yes.”

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